Are you searching for the right air conditioning system for your office? While there are various options available, there is one unit which stands out from most others: cassette air conditioning units.

If you’re wondering why cassette air conditioning is a popular choice, this guide will provide six reasons to select it for your office.

Cassette unit air conditioning: how does it work?

Let’s just take a step back. Before explaining the benefits, we will explain exactly what a cassette air conditioning unit is and how it works.

Ultimately, cassette air conditioning works in the same way as any other standard air conditioning system. It takes warm air from within your space, moves it through a cooling element containing refrigerant, which removes heat, and transfers the heat outside while releasing the cooled air back into the office. The main difference with cassette units, however, is due to the location it is mounted.

Rather than being mounted on your office walls, a cassette air conditioner is installed in the ceiling void with a flat facia panel. This is generally possible in any space that features a suspended or ‘floating’ ceiling with enough space to accommodate the unit.

Now it’s time to cover the main reasons to opt for cassette air conditioning with your office.

Reason 1: It helps to maximise available space

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using cassette air conditioning is the amount of space that it saves. There’s no worry about the unit sticking out or getting in the way of people or necessary furniture. Your walls are left free, which ensures you are able to maximise your space. You can still go with that filing cabinet or hanging photo frame.

A cassette air conditioning system is effectively ‘invisible’ they are in our opinion the most aesthetically pleasing. It takes up no more space than what is currently available in your office. The only thing you may have to consider is moving a light fixture around to ensure your air conditioning unit is in the perfect central location.

Reason 2: A versatile option

Cassette unit air conditioning systems are one of the most versatile and straightforward installation choice around.

The reason for this is simple: they can be installed in a wide assortment of spaces. Do you work in a small, cosy office? A compact cassette unit is a suitable pick which will fit into a single ceiling tile. Perhaps your business operates from a large office with plenty of open space? Again, standard cassette air conditioning is a fine choice compared to other available options.

Another major positive with installing cassette unit air conditioning systems is the simple nature of getting the job done. Your office doesn’t have to undergo any major changes. There are no expensive adjustments required to the structure of the premises.

Reason 3: Effective temperature control

The good news is that cassette air conditioning systems are among the most powerful and effective solutions on the market.

In fact, they are often more powerful than their wall-mounted counterparts. Their effectiveness is another reason why they are a great choice for large office spaces. Due to features like four-way airflow, cassette air conditioners are able to effectively disperse the desired air to all four corners of your office.

The result: it’s not just certain spots in your office that are cooled, your chosen temperature is achieved in all areas of your workspace.

Reason 4: The aesthetic air conditioning choice

In addition to the first point above regarding maximising office space, cassette air conditioners are the route to go with when it comes to aesthetics. As well as being slim in profile (the majority of the unit is hidden in the ceiling), the fascia panel is also available in different colours to suit your interior which is great if your ceiling is not white!

Reason 5: Keep it quiet

When installing an air conditioning system in your office, one of the main worries will be about the noise produced. No matter what type of air conditioner you select, it will result in a certain level of noise due to the mechanical parts– and that’s not what you want when cultivating a quiet office environment.

Cassette air conditioning units are known for being quiet when in operation. The system’s work is mostly done in the outdoor unit, which keeps internal volume levels nice and low. It is unlikely to be heard above normal office sound levels.

Reason 6: An efficient route

The need for energy efficient solutions has always been a priority however the rising cost of energy has now made this critical. This is particularly the case for businesses, where a large proportion of overhead expenses are linked to utility bills. Because of this, it’s important to select an air conditioning unit that is efficient and keeps running costs to a minimum.

Again, a cassette air conditioning system falls into this category. They are known for their energy efficient performance. Once the target room temperature is achieved, the air conditioning system will immediately reduce its power usage by shutting down components until required again.

To ensure that your air conditioning remains energy efficient throughout its years of service it will need regular maintenance.  The cost of maintenance is easily offset by the reduction in performance and the rise in energy use that is likely to occur without carrying out the maintenance.  

For More Information

Ceiling cassette units are included in our online air conditioning calculator. You can get an instant quotation for ceiling cassettes that will be tailored exactly to your space. Simply type in your room dimensions and the type of space to be cooled and our calculator will do the rest. A quote will be produced for you, to help you plan your next air conditioning installation.