Air conditioning is used in buildings throughout the world to regulate the temperature of the air inside closed spaces. For many years, it has been most closely associated with tropical climates and warmer geographies, however, today, air conditioning is also a feature of most office spaces and indoor venues in the UK – where overheating is an issue, or a lack of opening windows means airflow is insufficient.

The advantages of air conditioning go well beyond the simple cooling of air.  Although this is important in the summer months when your facility is at risk of overheating due to the heat produced by computing power, other electrical devices and of course, people. So, here’s a run-down of why air conditioning can be useful for your facility or property.

Fixed Systems

The installation of air conditioning systems in properties is usually motivated by temperature regulation. In office spaces, it keeps the temperature stable, keeps employees comfortable and helps them focus on the job at hand, and in regions that experience warmer weather, it’s a simple way to relax inside without feeling fatigued and uncomfortable in the heat.

There are several other benefits to installing a fixed air conditioning system. Any facility with a large number of people inside – be that a superstore or a large office space for example, will experience fluctuating temperatures, together with gases and other particles that contribute to poor-quality indoor air.  CO2 and moisture from people can quickly build up inside a building and air conditioning systems, as the name suggests, can help rid the air of such gases, odours, pollutants and uncomfortable humidity.


Temperature regulation is important in workplaces and building spaces where excess heat and poor air quality could adversely affect employees. There are many other locations where air conditioning is preferable – and contributes to productivity. We are regularly installing air conditioning systems in:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Offices
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Healthcare settings
  • Public buildings
  • Factories and warehouses

We tend to find that temperature regulation is the key driver for many clients looking to install air conditioning, but the additional benefits of keeping indoor air quality high, are well known and are a bonus for any facility that welcomes the public and customers through their doors.

Portable Systems

In addition we offer a portable air conditioner service. For those facilities that would prefer not to have a permanent air conditioning installation, we offer a quick turnaround rental service. That means that if you’re experiencing an overload of heat, humidity or other pollutants in the air in your facility over a short-term period of time, we can bring in portable AC units to tackle the situation within a matter of hours.

Portable cooling equipment can form part of a business continuity plan and is essential in an emergency situation, where electronic equipment is at risk of overheating and causing catastrophic damage. In such a situation, portable air conditioning can save firms from business disruption and huge economic damage.

Finally, in a private home, residential or healthcare setting, air conditioning – either as a permanent fixture or as a temporary solution – can support good health. Elderly people and the sick are especially sensitive to temperature fluctuations and an air conditioning system can help them to feel more comfortable. 

Air conditioning is a reliable solution to airflow issues, temperature regulation, and the quality of the air you and your colleagues or customers breathe. Easily installed and offering a huge payout in benefits, air conditioning could be ideal in your organisation.

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