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    Air conditioning maintenance is essential in order to keep a system fully functional, and operating at maximum efficiency. Carrying out regular maintenance helps to keep your indoor air quality stable, at its optimum temperature and prevents system breakdowns.

    Whatever the scale of your air conditioning system it is important to consider a regular maintenance regime. Most air conditioning equipment manufacturers offer a 7 year warranty with their systems, with the proviso that an air conditioning maintenance contract is taken out immediately and to cover the 7 years.

    Investing in a regular maintenance plan will save you time and money and, ultimately, it will help avoid unexpected breakdowns. At each maintenance visit your engineer will conduct a through check of all system components and undertake a thorough clean. This visit is also the ideal opportunity to undertake F-Gas checks which are a legal requirement of operators of air conditioning equipment. For businesses with systems larger than 12kW a TM44 certificate is also needed. TM44 inspections are needed every 5 years.

    Whilst we offer air conditioning maintenance services on cooling equipment we’ve installed, we are also happy to offer these services for equipment which was not installed by Cool Services.

    Why take out an air conditioning maintenance contract?

    Something as simple (and common) as a blocked filter can put a strain on an air conditioning system’s compressor and lead to a breakdown. Not only does a maintenance programme keep the system clean, but it helps to keep your air conditioning running at optimum efficiency. This helps prolong the life span of the equipment overall and reduce system failures and the need for emergency call outs. Some of the benefits your business will gain from a planned maintenance regime include:

    • Lower running costs
    • Maintain a clean, functional, eco-friendly system
    • Fewer breakdowns
    • Extended equipment life
    • Safeguarding of the manufacturer’s warranty
    • Peace of mind
    • Compliance with your legal obligations

    Why Choose Cool Services for Air Conditioning Maintenance?

    Cool Services’ customers have been relying on our high quality maintenance services for more than 45 years. We want to ensure your air conditioning system is always reliable and effective – and working effectively in the background – so you can focus on your business or organisation.

    We aim to make dealing with us a simple process for the same reason. What to expect from a Cool Services planned maintenance programme:

    • FREE site survey and quotations for maintenance
    • Competitive service contracts
    • Highly trained and experienced engineers
    • REFCOM registered and F-Gas certified
    • Latest diagnostic equipment to address faults quickly and safely
    • Fast response for urgent service calls
    • 24/7 call out service

    Air Conditioning Maintenance FAQs

    How often do I need a maintenance visit for my air conditioning system?

    Ideally air conditioning equipment should be maintained twice each year. However, business critical and larger systems should be maintained every 3 months. This also retains any additional manufacturer’s warranty period.

    Keeping equipment in top condition and filters clean, enables the system to run at optimum efficiency thereby keeping energy use and costs to a minimum. In fact, blocked filters in an air conditioning unit can put strain on compressors and other parts of the system which can contribute to early failure.

    What is the EU F-Gas Regulation?

    The F-Gas Regulation is EU legislation designed to reduce the emission of F-Gases. F-Gases are used in refrigeration equipment including air conditioning and are classified as greenhouse gases, and as such some gases have been banned and others are being phased out. The regulations also set out responsibilities for owners and contractors operating and maintaining systems.

    In order to help you navigate the regulations, its advisable to seek the advice of a REFCOM registered company with F-Gas certified engineers when considering air conditioning installation or maintenance. A maintenance regime carried out by an F-Gas certified contractor will ensure that your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment will always stay compliant and wil conform to the standards both now and in the future as the regulations are updated.

    Revised: February 2024