Maintaining your air conditioning system is so important to keeping efficiency high and running cost low, that is why it is worth investing time to get the right company to look after your system whether it is a new installation or an existing system.

In fact, without planned maintenance, many equipment manufacturers will only offer a basic warranty, so it is the best way to get an extended warranty period. This can be significant and in some cases, it can mean the difference between a 1 year and 7 year warranty.  That’s a major benefit, as is using the maintenance visit as a means of keeping on the right side of your legal obligations when it comes to the F-Gas regulations, the EU legislation designed to reduce the emission of F-Gases.

There are many companies offering maintenance services so here are a few tips for finding the right one for your needs.             

Why do you need to do some research?

A lot of contractors are registered with the trade association REFCOM and are F-Gas certified.  This is in fact the minimum requirement you should look for when recruiting an air conditioning maintenance company.

It is often useful if the qualifications go beyond simply air conditioning ones, for example; electrical skills available within the same company can help installations run smoothly and may avoid miscommunications that can occur if the electrical side of the works is subcontracted out to a separate contractor.

In addition to qualifications, we recommend that you find out how long a company has been trading. You want to be certain that they are experienced and can draw on this experience to trace faults quickly and easily.

When should you choose a maintenance contractor?

In a perfect world you should be considering the air conditioning maintenance regime during the installation. Waiting until the equipment breaks down puts you under pressure to find a contractor quickly, which is never a good idea. Ideally the same company that installed your air conditioning will offer maintenance services. In fact, if they do not offer maintenance then that is a tell-tale sign of a contractor with limited services and lack of interest in supporting your equipment once it has been installed. Always think twice about having an installation from a contractor like this.

How can you choose between companies?

We recommend going beyond desk research on the internet. For example, ask for references – a great contractor will be happy to supply referees with systems similar to yours.

And while you are on the phone to them; enquire about their availability – if they are available right away then an empty order book might be the reason, and that is very telling about how many loyal and satisfied customers they really have.

What are the main considerations for choosing a maintenance company?

Check out the guarantees they offer on workmanship. This is separate to a manufacturers warranty and shows the level of confidence that the company has in their skills.

Think about levels of service such as a 24/7 call out for 365 days of the year if that is essential to your operations.

Keep your system running efficiently – plan your maintenance

Don’t be afraid to sign up to a Maintenance contract it’s the best way to keep your equipment running efficiently and economically. It’s also the easiest way to keep on the correct side of the air conditioning regulations. The best bit is that your maintenance company will remind you when services are due, giving you one less thing to worry about, so you can focus your efforts on your business.   

It doesn’t have to be a particularly warm day weather-wise for a hospital to suffer uncomfortable indoor temperatures.  Often therapeutic machinery, computers and lighting can generate excess heat. Temperature control is vital for staff and patients.

Hospital patients, suffer most in hot conditions.  In extreme cases, patients can experience an increase in heart rate, this is especially true of the elderly.  In other areas of the hospital it is vital that medical equipment is not compromised by soaring temperatures.

Climate Control Solutions for Hospitals

Climate control in a healthcare setting is essential and even in Autumn, and Winter Estates Managers are calling us here at Cool Services for advice and a fast response.  Our portable fans and air conditioning units are currently tackling overheating spaces and providing instant comfort in rooms such as offices,  x-ray suites and wards full of patients. 

We can supply portable fans, air conditioning units and evaporative coolers from stock, at short notice, for long or short-term hire, to help restore comfortable temperature levels.


Our most commonly used rental equipment includes the KY44B portable air conditioner with remote, which is being used in multiples in offices, stores, server rooms and hospital wards.  The equipment has been selected because it offers both cooling and dehumidification from one lightweight yet robust and quiet unit.   The units are modern in appearance and are unobtrusive.

The unit is suitable for continuous use with minimal maintenance due, to a self-evaporating condensate system.  The heat rejection hose is easy to vent out of the room through a window or into a suspended ceiling.

Essential benefits of a portable air conditioner

The intended use of the machine may affect what you consider to be the most important benefits, however, the flexibility it provides is its stand-out benefit, together with:  

  • Fast and effective spot cooling
  • Quiet in operation
  • Easy ‘plug in and go’ operation
  • Fast and effective spot cooling
  • Minimal maintenance.

Helping you get your hospital air quality under control

For hospitals across the Midlands, a hire solution from Cool Services located in Pensnett near to Birmingham is often the quickest and most flexible way to return temperatures to normal.  

Simon Wharton, Cool Services Hire Manager said “Maintaining an optimum temperature for patients is proven to contribute to recovery.  Keeping temperature under control for health workers and visitors contributes to wellbeing and cannot be underestimated.”

Cool Services has a wide range of air conditioning models and extensive stocks available. The DBS checked team can deliver and install reliable, sterilised air conditioning equipment on time, to meet exacting delivery instructions”.

Simon added “Our service includes portable heating units so we can also provide additional heating when temperatures fall. We are on call to support hospitals all year round.”

It’s important to plan a maintenance regime for your air conditioning system because dust and worn parts can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system and shorten the life of components.   

Breakdowns, emergency repairs and disruption to the operation of your air conditioning can be costly; planning regular maintenance visits can help to avoid many of these costs.

How often should I service my air conditioning system?

Ideally air conditioning equipment should be serviced twice each year. However, business critical and larger systems should be serviced every 3 months. Planning a maintenance programme is vital to obtaining the equipment manufacturer’s additional warranty period.

What happens during an Air Conditioning Service visit?

If your engineer is qualified and experienced you can expect the following tasks to be undertaken during a service visit:

  • Clean and inspect air filters. – A restricted air filter can cause your air conditioning unit to waste energy and can shorten the life of the compressors.
  • Clean coils. Dirty condenser coils raise the refrigerant pressure to a higher level than needed, increasing your electricity bill. Spray the coil with antibacterial deodoriser.
  • Check Controller for fault records and clear.
  • Check electrical connections and measure the voltage. Faulty electrical connections can cause unsafe operation and reduce the life of major components.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks on flares and service valves.
  • Clean outdoor unit coils and drip tray.
  • Clean indoor and outdoor unit casings.
  • Inspect conditioned airflow system (ductwork) for leaks.
  • Check and record voltage and the current draw of the fan motor, compressor and condenser fan motors. Improper voltage and amp draw increases operating costs and can shorten the life of the motor.
  • Check the operation of the crankcase heater.
  • Check controls and safety devices of the system to ensure proper and safe operation. Check the starting cycle of the equipment to ensure the system starts, operates and shuts off properly. Controls and safety devices that do not function properly can increase operation cost and cause other components to fail.
  • Take and record temperature and pressures. An accurate record of your equipment’s vital data can indicate potential problems.

Once the above checks have been completed, the engineer will write a system operation report and update the F-Gas logbooks.

A quick read through this list of checks and tests, helps to demonstrate how important a maintenance regime is for the longevity of your air conditioning system.

Why should I book a planned preventative maintenance programme?

Many businesses and organisations adopt a planned preventative maintenance schedule for this reason and also so that the maintenance visits can be booked into the company’s maintenance calendar in advance.  Visits can then be planned for the most convenient times to suit the organisation, such as during holidays for schools, shutdowns for factories and prior to the opening times for restaurants, offices, salons and surgeries.   

Cool Services’ administration team offer a reminder service, so you need never miss a maintenance visit.  

Always make sure that you choose a company that employs experienced and qualified technicians who will undertake these checks thoroughly and with care. Checking their industry accreditations is also a good idea.

Contact us today for further information and expert advice on 0800 374217. 

Advantages of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is used in buildings throughout the world to regulate the temperature of the air inside closed spaces. For many years, it has been most closely associated with tropical climates and warmer geographies, however, today, air conditioning is also a feature of most office spaces and indoor venues in the UK – where overheating is an issue, or a lack of opening windows means airflow is insufficient.

The advantages of air conditioning go well beyond the simple cooling of air.  Although this is important in the summer months when your facility is at risk of overheating due to the heat energy produced by computing power, other electrical devices and of course, people. So, here’s a run-down of why air conditioning can be useful for your facility or property.

Fixed Systems

The installation of fixed air conditioning systems in properties is usually motivated by temperature regulation. In-office spaces, it keeps the temperature stable, keeps employees comfortable and helps them focus on the job at hand, and in regions that experience warmer weather, it’s a simple way to relax inside without feeling fatigued and uncomfortable in the heat.

There are several other benefits to installing a fixed air conditioning system. Any facility with a large number of people inside – be that a superstore or a large office space for example, will experience fluctuating temperatures, together with gases and other particles that contribute to poor-quality indoor air.  CO2 and moisture from people can quickly build up inside a building and air conditioning systems, as the name suggests, can help rid the air of such gases, odours, pollutants and uncomfortable humidity.


You can see why temperature regulation is important in workplaces and building spaces where excess heat and poor air quality could adversely affect employees. There are many other locations where air conditioning is preferable – and contributes to productivity. We’re regularly installing air conditioning systems in:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Offices
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Healthcare settings
  • Public buildings
  • Factories and warehouses

We tend to find that temperature regulation is the key driver for many clients looking to install air conditioning, but the additional benefits of keeping indoor air quality high, are well known and an added bonus for any facility that welcomes the public and customers through their doors.

Portable Systems

Then there’s our portable air conditioner service. For those facilities that would prefer not to have a permanent installation, we offer a quick turnaround service in the warmest weeks and days of the year. That means that if you’re experiencing an overload of heat, humidity or other pollutants in the air in your facility over a short-term period of time, we can bring in portable AC units to tackle the situation within a matter of hours.

Portable cooling equipment can form part of a business continuity plan and is essential in an emergency situation, where electronic equipment is at risk of overheating and causing catastrophic damage. In such a situation, portable air conditioning can save firms from business disruption and huge economic damage.

Finally, in a private home, residential or healthcare setting, air conditioning – either as a permanent fixture or as a temporary solution – can support good health. Elderly people and the sick are especially sensitive to temperature fluctuations and an air conditioning system can help them to feel more comfortable. 

Air conditioning is a reliable solution to airflow issues, temperature regulation, and the quality of the air you and your colleagues or customers breathe. Easily installed and offering a huge payout in benefits, air conditioning could be ideal in your organisation.

Contact us today for further information and advice on 0800 374217. 

In typical British fashion, last year, when the nation was confined to their homes, the weather in May was scorching. Fast forward 12 months, and with the reopening of pubs, restaurants, and sporting events in an outdoor setting, of course, the weather has taken a distinct turn for the worse.

In fact, after an unseasonably dry April, Britain is set to be hit by storms and battered by rainfall this month, with temperatures “apparently” set to rise before conditions worsen and a cold snap descends upon us.

Not the best news for both businesses and homeowners who are looking to throw a whole host of festivities as the UK says goodbye to even more restrictions.

Fortunately, if you are worried about your guests or attendees feeling the chill at your planned event, there is a simple solution to your problem.

Event heating

Whether you are looking for heating solutions for an outdoor corporate day, a festival, or a wedding, event heating is exactly what you need to keep your guests comfortable, whatever the weather.

How to choose the right event heater for your next event

Before you rent a heater for your next outdoor event, you need to first consider the below factors:

Ambient temperature

You will have different heating needs depending on whether your event is in the day or the night. Furthermore, if your event is being held underneath a marquee where guests will be protected from the elements, you may not need as powerful a heater as if everyone were out in the open.

Although it can be difficult with unpredictable British weather, considering the average temperature during your event’s time frame can help you pick the right event heater.

Event heating is usually indirect, oil fired heating that delivers large volumes of clean, dry warm air.

Type of heater

There are several different types of portable heaters that are ideal for use outdoors and placed within a marquee. These include:

  • Indirect Oil Fired Heaters
  • Oil radiators
  • Electric fan heaters
  • Halogen Heaters
  • Infrared Heaters

If you want to use electric heaters, you need to check your site for electrical outlets and hire or purchase any extension cords that you may need. Remember that cords can be a tripping hazard, so you will need to plan where to place these accordingly. It’s a good idea to thoroughly warm up your marquee the day before the event and test out your heating system. The area should be warm before your event begins.

Safety features

The safety of your guests is a priority and choosing a supplier who is experienced in supplying heating for marquees and tents is really important.  Deploying portable heating to warm a large space, safely,  is no mean feat.  For example you must never use a direct-fired oil or gas heater because of the risk of fire. And if using a halogen or infra red heater always use with a fan to make the warm air flow around the space.   

If you would like help choosing the right heating for your next event or need general advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team on 0800 9705656.

New Look website for Cool Services of Shrewsbury

Cool Services based on Shrewsbury has taken the opportunity of lockdown to design a new website.  Detailing the installation and maintenance services they provide for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation the site has a new fresh look and reflects the new corporate identity that the company adopted in 2019.

 The site is easy to navigate and includes new features to help customers who are perhaps new to air conditioning and refrigeration. Visitors to the site can use the new Air Conditioning calculator tool and will find the Frequently Asked Questions a useful new addition.  

“How much does it cost to install air conditioning? is the most common question that people ask me”, said Group Operations Manager Scott Ravenscroft “now I can direct customers to the new, easy to use Air Conditioning calculator on our website”.  He continued, “users can get a good idea of the cost of an installed system for their specific size and type of room from the calculator – it will also provide options for different systems, to suit different needs”.

The site also includes a section dedicated to the company’s Hire business, where portable cooling, heating and drying can be found.  “We have been busy supplying portable air conditioning equipment to hospitals and portable heating to pubs and breweries who are building more outdoor spaces” said Simon Wharton Cool Services’ Hire division manager.  He added  “we have been incredibly busy keeping clients both warm and cool!”. 

It has been a very difficult time for many businesses, and the company has worked hard to be flexible and support customers during lockdown. However, since air conditioning is regulated and must be regularly serviced; Cool Services engineers have continued to carry out maintenance visits. “We went to great lengths to reassure customers about our Covid secure practices and were extra vigilant when working in our customers premises” commented Scott. “Our focus was to keep our client’s safe and their systems compliant with the regulations.“

As lock down eases, we hope more businesses can return to normal and our new website will be there to help all our customers in better times.