When specialist air conditioning contractor Cool Services of Shrewsbury rebranded their business after joining Yee Group, they decided that their website needed more than a refresh with the new corporate identity.

Founded in 1978, Cool Services is one of the largest installers of air conditioning in Shropshire and the West Country. They have been serving some of the region’s blue-chip companies for an incredible 43 years. Well established and with an excellent reputation for Air Conditioning installation and maintenance as well as hire of cooling and heating equipment; the company was keen to find a web developer that would bring a wealth of experience and innovation to their online presence.

The design agency Cocoonfxmedia of Birmingham won the tender for the project with a plan to increase traffic to the site and boost bookings for the hire division. Cocoonfxmedia’s James Blackman explained “an active strategy was developed to help Cool Services achieve their goals, ” he continued “the previous website wasn’t performing and fell way short as a professional showcase of Cool Service’s talents”.

Launched early this year, the site is already seeing great results. Cocoonfxmedia’s Search Engine Optimisation strategy is bringing in new visitors to the site and converting them to enquiries for all areas of the company’s business.

Simon Chapman Group Managing Director of Yee Group commented on the contract win “we knew of Cocoonfxmedia as we are both past presidents of the Chamber of Commerce,” he explained “that gave us a level of awareness of each other’s businesses. This was a great starting point and an obvious benefit of our membership of our Chamber of Commerce. What we built from that foundation, was a great creative and supportive relationship from the start.”

The team at Cocoonfxmedia made the website build a very painless process, and their on-going proactive approach makes for a dynamic website that is simply leagues ahead of where we expected to be at this stage. “

Glen Tapper Design Partner at Cocoonfxmedia commented, “It is always a pleasure to work with other chamber members and it’s great to see the Chamber working even through a pandemic, that is one of the advantages of technology. Running a project over Zoom has been a little different, but essentially the design process is exactly the same. Cool Services came to us with a good brief, that we could break down and start to understand what was required of us.” He continued, “There are extra considerations when you are working with an established site because you don’t want to lose any of the gains it has already made, instead we want to build on that foundation and give it the opportunity to be the best it can be. The result has been a solid success. Off the bat we saw improvements and the supporting SEO strategy is going from strength to strength.”

Advantages of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is used in buildings throughout the world to regulate the temperature of the air inside closed spaces. For many years, it has been most closely associated with tropical climates and warmer geographies, however, today, air conditioning is also a feature of most office spaces and indoor venues in the UK – where overheating is an issue, or a lack of opening windows means airflow is insufficient.

The advantages of air conditioning go well beyond the simple cooling of air.  Although this is important in the summer months when your facility is at risk of overheating due to the heat energy produced by computing power, other electrical devices and of course, people. So, here’s a run-down of why air conditioning can be useful for your facility or property.

Fixed Systems

The installation of fixed air conditioning systems in properties is usually motivated by temperature regulation. In-office spaces, it keeps the temperature stable, keeps employees comfortable and helps them focus on the job at hand, and in regions that experience warmer weather, it’s a simple way to relax inside without feeling fatigued and uncomfortable in the heat.

There are several other benefits to installing a fixed air conditioning system. Any facility with a large number of people inside – be that a superstore or a large office space for example, will experience fluctuating temperatures, together with gases and other particles that contribute to poor-quality indoor air.  CO2 and moisture from people can quickly build up inside a building and air conditioning systems, as the name suggests, can help rid the air of such gases, odours, pollutants and uncomfortable humidity.


You can see why temperature regulation is important in workplaces and building spaces where excess heat and poor air quality could adversely affect employees. There are many other locations where air conditioning is preferable – and contributes to productivity. We’re regularly installing air conditioning systems in:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Offices
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Healthcare settings
  • Public buildings
  • Factories and warehouses

We tend to find that temperature regulation is the key driver for many clients looking to install air conditioning, but the additional benefits of keeping indoor air quality high, are well known and an added bonus for any facility that welcomes the public and customers through their doors.

Portable Systems

Then there’s our portable air conditioner service. For those facilities that would prefer not to have a permanent installation, we offer a quick turnaround service in the warmest weeks and days of the year. That means that if you’re experiencing an overload of heat, humidity or other pollutants in the air in your facility over a short-term period of time, we can bring in portable AC units to tackle the situation within a matter of hours.

Portable cooling equipment can form part of a business continuity plan and is essential in an emergency situation, where electronic equipment is at risk of overheating and causing catastrophic damage. In such a situation, portable air conditioning can save firms from business disruption and huge economic damage.

Finally, in a private home, residential or healthcare setting, air conditioning – either as a permanent fixture or as a temporary solution – can support good health. Elderly people and the sick are especially sensitive to temperature fluctuations and an air conditioning system can help them to feel more comfortable. 

Air conditioning is a reliable solution to airflow issues, temperature regulation, and the quality of the air you and your colleagues or customers breathe. Easily installed and offering a huge payout in benefits, air conditioning could be ideal in your organisation.

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When Cool Services needed to expand their finance team recently due to their continued success, it made perfect sense to employee an Accounts Apprentice.

An additional team member was required in Cool Services’ parent company Yee Group in Burton on Trent. Yee Group turned to EMA Training a private training provider based in Derby with an excellent reputation for high quality apprenticeships in Finance, Technology and Digital.

The specialist air conditioning company needed to expand their team because of their recent acquisition by Yee Group. “By recruiting and training an apprentice, we can develop the right person and enhance their skills while they contribute to the work of finance team”, said Group Managing Director Simon Chapman.

“We have always been a supporter of apprenticeships and usually employ trainee electricians to join our field engineering team” he continued “Like EMA Training; we believe that our trainees are most successful when they combine workplace mentoring with education and training. “

EMA Training helped Cool Services to fill their new role with a great young talent in Kyle Tizzard who had recently completed his AAT level 2 and was looking for an employer with whom to undertake a Level 3 Apprenticeship.

“I deliberately chose to do an apprenticeship because I felt that the work experience combined with my qualifications would help give me an advantage later on in my career,” said Kyle, adding “the role available offered me a great opportunity to get genuine experience while studying for AAT level 3 plus the prospect of career progression if I was successful”.

Kyle is a great asset to Cool Services and to Yee Group and has quickly become an established team member. While working hard for the company he has: studied with EMA Training, passed his exams with flying colours, kept up to date with his CPD and built a professional portfolio. These achievements are incredible when you consider that Kyle has worked and studied remotely, with all the uncertainties brought about by the COVID lockdowns.

Simon Chapman summarised, “Everyone who works with Kyle has no doubt that he has the skills and drive to acheive his ambition of becoming a Chartered Accountant ”.

In typical British fashion, last year, when the nation was confined to their homes, the weather in May was scorching. Fast forward 12 months, and with the reopening of pubs, restaurants, and sporting events in an outdoor setting, of course, the weather has taken a distinct turn for the worse.

In fact, after an unseasonably dry April, Britain is set to be hit by storms and battered by rainfall this month, with temperatures “apparently” set to rise before conditions worsen and a cold snap descends upon us.

Not the best news for both businesses and homeowners who are looking to throw a whole host of festivities as the UK says goodbye to even more restrictions.

Fortunately, if you are worried about your guests or attendees feeling the chill at your planned event, there is a simple solution to your problem.

Event heating

Whether you are looking for heating solutions for an outdoor corporate day, a festival, or a wedding, event heating is exactly what you need to keep your guests comfortable, whatever the weather.

How to choose the right event heater for your next event

Before you rent a heater for your next outdoor event, you need to first consider the below factors:

Ambient temperature

You will have different heating needs depending on whether your event is in the day or the night. Furthermore, if your event is being held underneath a marquee where guests will be protected from the elements, you may not need as powerful a heater as if everyone were out in the open.

Although it can be difficult with unpredictable British weather, considering the average temperature during your event’s time frame can help you pick the right event heater.

Event heating is usually indirect, oil fired heating that delivers large volumes of clean, dry warm air.

Type of heater

There are several different types of portable heaters that are ideal for use outdoors and placed within a marquee. These include:

  • Indirect Oil Fired Heaters
  • Oil radiators
  • Electric fan heaters
  • Halogen Heaters
  • Infrared Heaters

If you want to use electric heaters, you need to check your site for electrical outlets and hire or purchase any extension cords that you may need. Remember that cords can be a tripping hazard, so you will need to plan where to place these accordingly. It’s a good idea to thoroughly warm up your marquee the day before the event and test out your heating system. The area should be warm before your event begins.

Safety features

The safety of your guests is a priority and choosing a supplier who is experienced in supplying heating for marquees and tents is really important.  Deploying portable heating to warm a large space, safely,  is no mean feat.  For example you must never use a direct-fired oil or gas heater because of the risk of fire. And if using a halogen or infra red heater always use with a fan to make the warm air flow around the space.   

If you would like help choosing the right heating for your next event or need general advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team on 0800 9705656.