Britain’s prisons are struggling for accommodation space and one of the strategies for increasing capacity is to deploy modular buildings using offsite construction methods. This creates extra capacity that can be brought on stream quickly and efficiently.  Using offsite construction methods is much faster and cheaper than building new prisons or extending existing buildings.

These accommodation units require fitting out to make them habitable for inmates, in the same way as a standard prison cell has plumbing and electrical services.

The Project

Cool Services was delighted to win the contract to supply and install air conditioning systems in more than 7,000 modular buildings for deployment in prisons.  A team of F-Gas certified air conditioning engineers was assigned to this contract for 12 months from Cool Services’ head office in Shrewsbury.  

The team installed and commissioned air conditioning systems in thousands of the units including sleeping accommodation, accessible accommodation and ancillary units during their manufacture.

Air conditioning in Modular buildings

Air conditioning is an excellent heating solution for modular and portable buildings as it does not require a mains gas supply and offers greater energy efficiency compared to electric heaters. By installing air conditioning units in portable buildings, occupants can enjoy room cooling during summer and reliable heating throughout the winter, ensuring year-round climate comfort.

The results

Our client commended the workmanship of the Cool Services team.  Their ability to cooperate with other contractors working in close proximity in a very busy working environment was also praised.  “Our field engineers are always professional” stated Group General Manager Jason Cooper. “They are highly skilled and organised, are dependable in adhering to Health and Safety standards and work in a tidy manner.” 

While working at an offsite manufacturing location may have been unconventional for Cool Services, companies within our Group undertake similar projects installing electrical systems, intruder alarms, CCTV, fire alarms, and air conditioning units in modular buildings. The ease of relocating these units and the lack of the need for extensive foundations make them a popular choice for many government departments, schools, the NHS, other healthcare providers and many other businesses to address short-term accommodation requirements. 

Cool Services Ltd installs Air Conditioning at new high tech training facility.

Cool Services was delighted to work on the new Fire training Centre being built at the Kingsbury Water Park site near Tamworth. Sub-contracted to local electrical contractor, Kendalls Electrical Services based in Telford, Cool Services was proud to be part of the team working on the prestigious new facility.

The new state of the art training centre will be used for lectures, theoretical training and virtual reality incident command training, that is not possible to replicate in real life.

The Spec

The latest in ventilation and air conditioning was specified by Warwickshire County Council to meet their strict indoor air quality policy. The works involved installing ventilation and air conditioning in the main training centre building.

The ventilation and cooling demands of various room types had to be considered including a reception area, control room, computer room, briefing room, incident command office, admin offices, operation policy room, operation instruction room, main lecture room, breakout area with refreshment area, shower facilities, toilets and changing areas.

The Solution

Cool Services’ role included the design and installation of comprehensive systems to provide room air conditioning and ventilation to meet the regulations for air exchange in the building.  The ability to provide effective control of the air quality and working environment inside the various rooms and spaces, with their varying uses and occupation levels, had to be considered.

Daikin wall mounted units with inverter-driven condensing units, were chosen to provide air conditioning together with a Nuaire ventilation heat recovery system.

The Nuaire solution offers three distinct user-selectable modes which are: supply air warming, fresh air cooling and neutral, all whilst automatically regulating fan speeds according to demand.

Air Conditioning System Installer

The Outcome

Using products from manufacturers with extremely high-quality standards, allowed Cool Services to meet the building’s indoor air quality requirements in full and the experienced team installed the equipment to high engineering standards. 

Cool Services was able to meet the requirements of the build programme and to deliver the works on time. 

Kendalls are highly satisfied with the service and installation from Cool Services.

Kendalls Project Manager Rob Yeomans added, “It was important that we partnered with an air conditioning and ventilation specialist who has the knowledge and expertise required to meet all project deadlines. This is a highly technical building with exacting requirements.”

Commenting; Cool Services’ Project Manager, Dean Robinson said, “As well as employing our technical expertise, we always work efficiently and in a clean and tidy manner, conscious of the need to support and liaise with other contractors working on site.”

When occupied; the building will offer state of the art fire training facilities with an easy to regulate, low energy, low noise, air cooling and warming system, to keep all occupants comfortable and healthy.

The recent Covid 19 pandemic has heightened awareness of the spread of respiratory viruses and has placed scrutiny on indoor air quality. These concerns have led the facilities team in many organisations to take proactive action, to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees and visitors.

While planning the safe return of large numbers of employees to the workplace; many companies and organisations are focussing on the quality of the indoor air in their buildings. It goes without saying, that the priority is the need to make indoor air free from viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. As a result, attention has turned to finding a solution for the air conditioning units located throughout buildings, some of which have been switched off during lockdown.

The innovation

Many air conditioning system manufacturers are developing “cleansing” technologies and innovations for incorporation into new air conditioning units.  Here at Cool Services, we are successfully installing an air purification unit into existing air conditioning units. This unique, brand-new technology utilises UV lamps to sterilise the air every time it passes through the air conditioning unit. It has been developed to be retrofitted into air conditioning ceiling cassette units of varying brands and ages, and provides a solution for existing air conditioning units.

Why Choose Cool Services?

Cool Services is an air conditioning services specialist with more than 43 years’ experience of installing and maintaining systems in commercial buildings. Our role in helping businesses upgrade to self-sterilising units means we liaise with the manufacturer and install the air purification technology into your air conditioning units.  

Ben Cheadle, Project Manager at Cool Services said, “the technology is a very clever piece of kit and retrofitting it into existing ac units keeps capital costs down and minimises disruption to the daily operation of the workplace”.

The Benefits

The sterilisation units once commissioned, have been shown to provide a 99% kill rate of airborne bacteria and viruses. This offers considerable peace of mind for building operators and owners. Importantly, the added purification units do not have any impact on the energy efficiency or performance of the existing air conditioning ceiling cassettes and can be easily installed by a professional air conditioning company.

The deployment of an air sterilising unit within the existing air conditioning unit, is a cost-effective addition to the public health and hygeine steps a business can take, to maintain a healthy and Covid-secure workplace.  

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