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    Even though it’s a rare occurrence, it’s an unfortunate fact that overheating does take place. Important equipment is used to a high extent, often on a daily basis and sometimes, the systems just simply cannot cope. As they work in overdrive, they begin to overheat and, if this reaches a certain point, it can become a critical situation.

    But in your hour of need, you can rest assured in the knowledge that we can provide an immediate 24 hour response and start working to resolve your issue right away. Using our portable air conditioning system hire is the perfect solution for emergency cooling and critical support.

    Server Room Air Conditioning

    Without a doubt, we are the number one service provider for server room system support and portable critical cooling. From server room overheating to emergency air conditioning breakdown, we are well aware that overheating is a serious issue and we fully understand that failure of equipment can be disruptive and sometimes even disastrous.

    Our expertise and experience in the industry mean we can provide immediate cooling solutions, all installed by our team of qualified engineers. So you can rest assured that, whilst the job is being done as quickly as possible, it’s also being carried out safely and securely by qualified experts.

    Emergency cooling services

    Our critical cooling services are available for a range of sectors, including:

    Failure of vital equipment due to overheating is a rare occurrence. However when it does happen the consequences can be disruptive, costly and in some cases, disastrous.

    In the heat of the moment we understand you may not necessarily be able to spare time to read all of this, so please feel free to just call our specialist portable hire depot instead for a nationwide response.