Maintaining a cool and comfortable indoor environment is crucial, especially during the warm summer months but finding the perfect air conditioning installation for your property can be a time consuming and daunting task. With a myriad of options available, making well-informed decisions that meet your available budget and maximises energy efficiency is difficult to do.

Our Air Conditioning Calculator is designed to be your ultimate guide, providing you with the information needed to select the right air conditioning system to suit your specific requirements. In this brief overview, we will outline the features and benefits of our calculator, enabling you to stay cool, plan your budget effectively, and make sustainable choices.

Options tailored to your cooling needs

One of the key advantages of our Air Conditioning Calculator is its ability to quickly analyse the options available to you.  This fully costed recommendation is based on the precise dimensions and type of space to be cooled. Whether you have a small room, a large office, or an entire building, our calculator takes into account your unique measurements and produces a result in terms of the number of units that will be required to cool the space effectively.  The result shown will also  include alternatives in terms of the various unit types, such as wall units, under-ceiling units, or ceiling cassettes, that you can choose from to perfectly cool your space.

This empowers you to gain a full understanding of the number and types of air conditioning installation you can choose from to guarantee both cooling comfort and energy efficiency in your project.

Budget Insights – Considering Maintenance and ongoing costs

Taking account of the maintenance and long-term costs at the start of a project is essential. This is why our Air Conditioning Calculator offers a distinct advantage by providing you with the exact number of units required for your space.

From this you can determine future maintenance needs, enabling you to plan and budget effectively.

Many years of experience in a simple online calculator

On every site visit our surveyors always establish the ‘heat load’ of your room in order to establish the cooling requirements.  With our air conditioning calculator this experience is built-in, so you do not need to understand such technical terms to be able to use our calculator.

The heat load is simply the heat that needs to be removed in order to provide effective cooling and is measured in kilowatts. Our AC Calculator takes this critical parameter into account, factoring in the expected heat load for your specific space type, whether it be a domestic room, an office, or another commercial establishment.  The calculator shows you the heat load figure so you can quote this when you do further research. 

Get a quick and comprehensive quote

Most users of our AC Cost Calculator use it to get an instant quotation without a surveyor’s visit.  The on-line tool is great for that because it calculates a general estimate for installation including the air con units, materials such as pipework and labour.

You can easily compare the costs of different units on screen.  Planning a budget for installing a new system becomes pretty effortless with our air conditioning calculator.

However, there are times when a visit from a cooling professional such as an air conditioning surveyor is essential and our calculator will advise you when this is the case.  If your space is exceptionally large or its outline shape is atypical, our online tool will recommend a site visit for a more detailed survey of the space.

Cool Services your idea provider for AC:

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your room, office or other commercial space is effortless with our on-line calculator. Simply by inputting the dimensions and selecting the type of space; you can have a comprehensive quotation at your fingertips in seconds.

Everyone from a homeowner to an expert project manager can use our calculator to help plan an air conditioning installation project effectively. Visit our Air Conditioning Price Calculator at and embark on your journey toward a cool and comfortable environment. Stay in control of your comfort with our Air Conditioning Calculator today!

Revised Feb 2024