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Fixed Air Conditioning

We offer a reliable and competitive solution for all your cooling and heating needs. From basic fixed installations to the more complex IT specifications and plant multisystem; we have cooled them all. Previous fixed installations include VRF air conditioning systems for healthcare, multiple wall mounted and ceiling units for offices, and ducted air conditioning systems for schools, colleges and universities where effective, quiet and eco-friendly cooling is a necessity.

We supply a range of fixed air conditioning systems including LG, Daikin, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi. But the best part is that we aren't tied down to any individual make, meaning, unlike our some of our competitors, we are extremely flexible in choosing the right system for your specific needs.

At your convenience, we will conduct a no obligation site survey and free quotation where we can determine your exact cooling or heating requirements. Some of our fixed air conditioning systems can be used all year round as their built-in heat pumps allow you to heat or cool a room to your desired temperature.

There are many types of air conditioning systems we can install:

Wall mounted splits are fixed at a high level with external condensers dissipating the heat outdoors  wall mount air conditioner
cassette air conditionerCassette units are fixed integrally into your suspended ceilings
Floor/ceiling units can be fixed integrally onto the floor or at high level underneath a ceiling floor or ceiling air conditioner
multi split air conditioning installationMulti split air conditioning - These systems work in exactly the same way as the above with the added advantage of up to four indoor units.
VRF systems - Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are the most technologically advanced systems around, enabling up to 16 indoor units to be connected to one outdoor unit
Ducted systems are installed above ceilings and ducted to many diffuser grilles throughout the area
VRF and INVERTER systems are all 'A' energy rated with a C.O.P. of approximately 4:1

For every 1 Kw consumed you will receive 4 Kw duty output

We carry out a full risk assessment and method statement, if it's required by a contract customer. As a necessity we also carry insurance cover whilst working on any premises.

We have a dedicated team of trained engineers that install air conditioning systems from the most basic level of single wall mounted fixtures, to multiple cassette systems - the time of the installation is dictated simply by the chosen system. Nevertheless we always address each job with total professionalism ensuring you are satisfied with the final outcome.
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