It doesn’t have to be a particularly warm day weather-wise for a hospital to suffer uncomfortable indoor temperatures.  Often therapeutic equipment, computers and lighting can generate excess heat. Temperature control is vital for staff and patients.

Hospital patients, suffer most in hot conditions.  In extreme cases, patients can experience an increase in heart rate, this is especially true of the elderly.  In other areas of the hospital it is vital that critical medical equipment is not compromised by soaring temperatures.

Climate Control Solutions for Hospitals

Climate control in a healthcare setting is essential and even in Autumn, and Winter; Estates Managers are calling us here at Cool Services for advice and a fast response.  Our portable fans and air conditioning units are currently tackling overheating spaces and providing instant comfort, in rooms such as offices,  x-ray suites and wards full of patients. 

We can supply portable fans, air conditioning units and evaporative coolers from stock, at short notice, for long or short-term hire, to help restore comfortable temperature levels.


Our most commonly used rental equipment includes the KY44B portable air conditioner which is being used in multiples in offices, stores, server rooms and hospital wards.  The equipment has been selected because it offers both cooling and dehumidification from one lightweight yet robust and quiet unit.   The units are modern in appearance and are unobtrusive.

The unit is suitable for continuous use with minimal maintenance, due to a self-evaporating condensate system.  The heat rejection hose is easy to vent out of the room through a window or into a suspended ceiling.

Essential benefits of a portable air conditioner

The features of the machine, which are listed below bring benefits to patient care, equipment stability and employee comfort:  

  • Fast and effective spot cooling
  • Quiet in operation
  • Easy ‘plug in and go’ operation
  • Fast and effective spot cooling
  • Portability and flexibility of use
  • Minimal maintenance.

Helping you keep your hospital air quality under control

For hospitals across the Midlands, a hire solution from Cool Services located in Pensnett near to Birmingham is often the quickest and most flexible way to return temperatures to normal.  

Simon Wharton, Cool Services Hire Manager said “Maintaining an optimum temperature for patients is proven to contribute to recovery.  Keeping temperature under control for health workers and visitors contributes to wellbeing and cannot be underestimated.”

Cool Services has a wide range of air conditioning models and extensive stocks available. The DBS checked team can deliver and install reliable, sterilised air conditioning equipment on time, to meet exacting delivery instructions”.

Simon added “Our service includes portable heating units so we can also provide additional heating when temperatures fall. We are on call to support hospitals all year round with whichever units will return the indoor temperatures to normal.”

Cool Services Hire and Sales team can be contacted on 0800 9705656