Your thoughts will be turning to keeping your employees warm this Autumn whether your commercial building is small or large. Employees, visitors and customers are all more productive when they are comfortable and that means some form of heating and definitely draught exclusion.

Portable heating is a great way to supplement existing heating systems when it is especially cold or when spaces are being reconfigured and fixed heating is not yet installed.  Of course, it’s very useful in an emergency when installed heating systems have broken down and are awaiting repairs. Businesses can gain some real benefits from choosing portable heaters for hire.

Benefits Of Hiring Portable Heating units:

In the UK our temperatures can fluctuate quickly, but extremely cold temperatures are not usually around for long.  This means, it is often cost-effective to hire portable heating; for the few days that you will actually need it.  We offer long and short-term hire and respond quickly, at short notice, so you can choose exactly when you need portable heating.  With free delivery and friendly service, we make this a cost-effective and easy option for businesses large and small.  

Investing in commercial heaters is a big step and can be expensive, so hiring what you need precisely when you need it, can be a more viable and flexible alternative.

Your hire equipment supplier will be responsible for all the maintenance required, which is a huge benefit of renting portable heating. You won’t have to think about whether it meets the required legislation and means you can be sure that you are keeping your employees, visitors and customers warm – and safe.

Knowing which heater will work best in your business can be difficult, so working with a hire expert like Cool Services will not only help you choose the right heater for your current requirements, but it will allow you to “test run” portable heaters in situ.  Renting portable heating equipment gives you first-hand experience of what works effectively in your space and can provide helpful insights should you decide to purchase a heater later on.  

Where can portable heating be used?

Our customers range from offices, warehouses, shops, hospitals and healthcare to factories and schools.  We have a wealth of experience to share and will take the time to understand your exact needs. Portable buildings are also an area of expertise for Cool Services. As well as portable cabins, we also supply heating on hire for marquees, tents and modular buildings when used for additional space or events and weddings.

How Cool Services can help you to choose Portable Heaters for Hire

As well as keeping our heaters in excellent condition ready for hire, our hands-on team are available at the end of a phone, to discuss your requirements or answer any questions you may have about portable heating.

We understand that heating needs vary according to the time of year and the activities taking place in your business, which is why we have a broad range and deep stock of portable heaters. Unlike some hire companies that advertise a range of products from DIY to building equipment, we specialise in heating and cooling hire. With so many potential uses for portable heaters, we know that ‘one size does not fit all’.

All our equipment is serviced and thoroughly checked before every hire for your total peace of mind.

Types of Portable heating

Criteria such as the size of the space to be heated and whether you need huge volumes of heat or general background heating will lead towards the ideal type of heater powered by Electric, Gas or Oil. It will also indicate your need for indirect or direct heat.

Personal Service and support from Cool Services

Along with our vast stock of portable heaters for hire, we offer a free survey, design specification, delivery and installation so that you get the right portable heating for your space or building. 

During every installation our delivery team will ensure all the equipment is installed to meet the latest Health and Safety guidelines and is thoroughly evaluated to be sure that it is perfect for your space. At this point we also run comprehensive checks to make sure everything is running smoothly before you use the equipment. Our aim is to enable you to be confident in your operation of the equipment for the duration of your hire.  We take care to make hiring from us straightforward and flexible, so that you always have the right equipment to provide heat – safely and efficiently.

We are a local independent supplier, located in the heart of the Midlands in Kingswinford near Dudley, and deliver for free throughout Shropshire, the East Midlands and West Midlands.

For more information about selecting portable air conditioning units for your business, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team on 0800 970 5656.