January is usually the month when we plan for the forthcoming year, both in our personal lives and in our businesses.  Even if your business’ financial year doesn’t follow the Gregorian calendar, there is still something quite special about opening the computer’s calendar for the new year or starting that new diary on the first day of January.

Planning begins in earnest here at Cool Services with new projects and policies and a great enthusiasm for new technologies which will support our customers’ business objectives in the coming year.

Past performance helps inform future planning

For estates managers and maintenance teams; planning for a new year is an enormous task.  Many will review how essential building services have performed in the previous year. They consider what has gone well and not so well and examine the pinch points and triggers for this. Compliance checks too, are a major item in the estates calendar.

As commercial air conditioning installers, many of our clients talk to us in January about planning new installations and maintenance visits for the year ahead. They want to get their planned preventative maintenance visits booked into the diary, for dates that suit the business.  For air conditioning installations and servicing, this can be during annual shutdowns or less busy periods where the disruption to the working day can be minimised.    

Added efficiency and reliability

Since dust and worn parts can dramatically affect the efficiency of air conditioning systems; it’s highly recommended that two maintenance visits are undertaken every year, to keep commercial air conditioning units running efficiently.  We always remind clients that maintenance visits are also necessary to validate the manufacturer’s warranty for the air conditioning units.  Planning maintenance at the beginning of the year means that the visits can be timed to prepare your systems for the periods that you are going to rely heavily on them, be that cooling in summer or heating in winter.

Regular, planned maintenance gives you confidence in your system’s performance and the peace of mind that your system will be reliable when you need it most.  

Complete support the whole year through

At Cool Services we offer more than simple air conditioning services we can manage the scheduling and booking of your maintenance visits.  Our team of maintenance engineers and project managers can help you plan your maintenance schedule in advance. We will send you timely reminders and book visits so you have more time to focus on the things that are more important to your business.

This is easy to arrange and offers the benefit that you will never be out of compliance.  Your commercial air conditioning unit will also benefit from regular maintenance because it will deliver optimum efficiency, reduced running costs and prolonged lifespan.

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