Now the chill of winter is definitely here, the comfort and welfare of your employees, visitors, and customers become paramount. Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature within your commercial spaces, including offices, shops, restaurants, salons, factories, and warehouses, is crucial. Cool Services offers a comprehensive portable heating solution to supplement your heating when the temperatures drop drastically.

Why Opt for Portable Heating?

In the UK temperature fluctuations can catch us off guard. Portable heating offers an adaptable and cost-effective solution tailored to your immediate needs. Whether for a few days or an extended period, our prompt delivery and flexible hire options make it convenient for businesses of all sizes to access heating precisely when required.

Benefits of Choosing Hire Options:

Investing in commercial heaters involves substantial costs and commitment. Opting for hire services allows flexibility and cost-effectiveness, eliminating the need for extensive upfront investments. Of course maintenance responsibilities and compliance fall to the supplier so that’s one less thing for the estates or facilities team to worry about.

Expert Guidance for Your Heating Needs:

Selecting the right heating equipment for your business space can be challenging. Working alongside Cool Services provides the expertise needed to make informed decisions. Our specialists understand the legislation relating to such equipment in use in a workplace, so they will assist you in choosing the most suitable heaters for your immediate requirements and ensure that your health and safety obligations are met in full.

Versatile Applications:

From offices, warehouses, and healthcare facilities to schools and factories, our portable heating solutions cater to diverse environments and size of space. Moreover, we specialise in providing heating for temporary structures like marquees and tents, ensuring comfort during events, conferences and parties. Modular buildings such as cabins on a construction site or portable classrooms at a school can all benefit from the use of portable heating hire from Cool Services. Each type of temporary structure has its own safety regulations and requires a specific kind of heater. We can always help with the right space heater for the structure and need.

Tailored Support from Cool Services:

Our commitment extends beyond providing high quality, reliable equipment. We focus on your heating needs and offer one of the widest ranges of electric, gas, and oil-powered heaters in the Midlands.

Our experienced team will deliver and set up your equipment for free throughout the region, striving to make your hiring experience seamless and hassle-free.

Connect with Us:

For more insights or to explore our range of portable heating solutions, reach out to our dedicated team at 0800 970 5656. Let Cool Services help you to keep your commercial premises warm and comfortable throughout the year.