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Our portable air conditioning systems are the perfect solution whether you’re after fan cooling or evaporative cooling, on a temporary basis or for an emergency, our solutions are available both to hire and to buy. Take a look below at the systems we have to offer.

Need a cooling solution fast? Whether you’re hiring or buying, our portable cooling equipment is delivered nationwide and we even have a 24-hour critical helpline, should you experience any issues.

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    Portable Hire and Sales – Cooling, Heating, Drying

    Welcome to our specialist Midlands hire depot.

    Here you’ll find a range of portable air conditioning hire services, as well as heating and drying equipment, all delivered nationwide.

    We are one of the leading specialists in portable cooling, heating, and drying hire. Managed by expert air conditioning personnel and qualified engineers, we use our expertise to meet your climate control requirements and provide an immediate first-class service that clearly sets us apart from our competitors

    In our hire fleet we stock:

    • Portable air conditioning units
    • Industrial air conditioning units
    • Domestic and industrial fans
    • Evaporative coolers
    • Portable heating units
    • Indirect and direct ducted heating systems
    • Dehumidifiers and carpet ‘snail’ dryers

    All portable equipment is delivered and installed nationwide for temporary and long-term hire. With our fast, effective, and immediate response, you’re guaranteed to receive a stress-free, professional service.

    Why choose Us?

    • FREE on site survey and quotation
    • Long term discounted hire prices
    • Extremely competitive prices
    • One of the largest fleets – of its kind – in the UK
    • Same day delivery
    • Fast and friendly service, including installation
    • Delivery nationwide to UK mainland
    • More than 25 years’ experience in the hire trade
    • Specialist dedicated delivery, installation and service engineers

    Our current customer client list includes:

    • Large blue-chip companies
    • Hospitals
    • Retail
    • Commercial
    • Leisure / Hospitality
    • Manufacturing industries
    • Councils
    • MOD

    Please feel free to view our online brochures on portable cooling. If you’re interested in utilising our portable hire and sales service, ring us on 0800 970 5656 – we’re only a phone call away.

    What is a portable air conditioner?

    A portable air conditioning unit is designed to cool you down; it can also be used to cool down the surrounding area. True air conditioners actually reduce the air temperature. There are various types of systems available on the marketplace but generally, they fall into three different categories; refrigerant air conditioners, evaporative coolers and fans.

    Where can I use a portable air conditioner?

    Mobiles offer an instant solution to true air conditioning, having the advantages of a fixed system with portability that is immediately available for use. They are perfect for domestic or light commercial use. All of our portable air conditioners operate from a standard 13A plug. Since the portable unit is mobile, a system is not required for every room; simply wheel the unit into another area when you need to move. For larger areas, more than one system can be used.

    Are there different types of air conditioner?

    There are two main types of portable air conditioner:Air condition air flow

    What should I consider when deciding which unit I require?

    In order for the equipment to work effectively, a number of factors should be taken into consideration. As a rough guide, you will need to provide approximately 120W of cooling for each square metre of the area, allowing for a standard 2.44m (8ft) ceiling height. Additional consideration should be given to equipment (e.g. computers being used, number of windows in the room, especially south-facing and number of people in the room). Each of these contributes to additional heat gain meaning the air conditioner must be powerful enough to cope with all these factors as well as the room size. If you are unsure, please feel free to call us so we can assist with your selection.

    What happens if the air conditioner is too small?

    An air conditioner is actually refrigerating the air passing through the unit. It is taking heat in from the room itself so, whatever the heat load, the environment in the room will be improved. If the heat load is greater than the units cooling capacity, it will act as a spot cooler, taking heat out of the room but not necessary having any significant impact on the temperature. Should this be the case, an additional unit(s) may be required.

    How much does a portable air conditioner cost to run?

    Obviously this varies from model to model but, generally, costs are between 12p – 15p per hour.

    Do portable air conditioning units run all the time?

    No, there is a built-in thermostat which switches off the unit when the required room temperature is reached. Conditioners are designed for comfort cooling between 21 – 26C.

    How does it make the room cool?

    An air conditioning unit works by taking heat from an area and expelling it outside. In the hose systems, the hot air is extracted from a room and expelled through a tube. The tube similar to a tumble dryer hose has to be vented to the outside ideally through a wall, window door or into a suspended ceiling. In the more powerful split system portable units, heat is discharged via the external (condenser) unit.

    How cold should my room be?

    There are limits to how cold the room temperature can be. When operating in a suitably sized room, most air conditioners will cool to around 22C.