As the government continues to recommend social distancing to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, we look at how businesses and organisations are creating extra space to accommodate returning employees and social events.    

We are still advised to observe social distancing in all aspects of our lives and that poses challenges for businesses as they build up staff numbers as employees return to work.  

This challenge is especially problematic when planning events, conferences or parties where a large number of people are invited to gather in the same space. 

We are seeing a trend towards the use of portable buildings being added to businesses and free standing in carparks across the nation.  Where once we used to see marquees, tee pees and portable buildings erected for weddings, parties and festivals, ingenious business owners and managers are using them for events and conferences to create additional space at their existing workplace or venue.

And it is not only businesses; many schools and colleges have also erected temporary structures to offer more space for use as classrooms, catering areas and staff rooms.

We know of one midlands football club who have erected a marquee in their car park to house their physiotherapists and give them more spacious areas to treat their players.  

Keeping occupants comfortable

To work effectively as an extension of current building space and allow employees to social distance, temporary buildings like marquees need to be warmed up to a comfortable working temperature.  Unlike traditional buildings, they lack insulation and heating needs careful planning by experts in this field.

Since the building is temporary, so it follows that heating hire makes the most sense.  It offers flexibility in heat generation and the hire period can be long or short term to suit the clients’ specific requirements.

A range of heaters to suit your needs

At Cool Services we are industry leading experts in marquee heater hire providing heaters for uses of all kinds in marquees, tee pees and stretch tents.  We offer the full range of space heaters for portable buildings and in fact ordinary buildings that need additional heat throughout the coldest months. Our range of direct fired oil heaters, direct fired gas, indirect fired oil heaters, electric heaters and oil radiators is extensive and each is designed to meet a specific heating requirement and is appropriate for use in specific portable structures such as marquees. 

Our focus is on you

We offer a broad range of equipment and back it up with a free survey, design specification, delivery and installation so that you get the right heat for hire to suit your portable building and the purpose you are using it for.  All our equipment is serviced and sanitised after every hire for your peace of mind.  Utilising heat on hire offers your business or organisation the most flexibility both financially and physically. If you have reconfigured seating arrangements to allow for social distancing then hiring heating is a great solution while things return to normal or until a permanent heating solution can be installed.

Centrally located in Kingswinford near Dudley, we offer free delivery throughout Shropshire, the East Midlands and West Midlands.  Our aim is to ensure that your focus is entirely on your event or conference and that your guests, employees or delegates are so comfortable that they can relax and get the most out of the event too. Hiring heaters for your marquee should be a straightforward process, we aim to make it easy and support you so that you have the right equipment to do the job safely and efficiently.